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Save materials and money and reduce waste.

Cutlist free online cutlist optimizer is used to calculate the most economical way to cut your lengths of material and eliminate wastage. The linear calculator can be used for any lengths material whether it be non-ferrous metals, steel, timber (wood), rubber, plastics, etc.

How to use the Cutlist cutting optimiser

1. Your customers name and the name or number of the project can be entered into the "Settings" box.

2. The kerf is entered into the "Settings" box. The kerf is the width of the cut and will vary depending on the width of the cutting disc or saw blade that are using to cut the material.

3. In the "Stock on hand" box enter any stock that you already have cut.

4. In the "Cut pieces required" box, enter the length and number of lengths that are needed for your project and click the "Add" button after each one. Your measurements can be in inches, feet, cm (centimetres), mm (millimetres) or metres. A lot of steel is not exactly the length that it is sold as. For example an 8 metre length of steel that is sold as 8 metres, may be 10 or more millimetres longer than 8 metres. Therefore, if you enter that you need 1 x 6050 mm and 1 x 1950mm, then with a kerf of 1.5 mm, the optimiser will want to add another length, so you should enter the exact length of the material.

5. If you need to remove any cuts from the list, simply click on that particular entry and it will be removed.

6. Click the "Print Visual Cutting Layout" button if you wish to print the sheet showing the visual cutting layout.

7. Click the "Print Cutting List" button if you wish to print the list of cuts required.
Note: If the print window doesn't show on your screen, right click on the popup window and select "Print".

NOTE: If your measurements are in fractions of an imperial inch, these will need to be converted from fractions to decimals. A table of fractions of an inch to decimals and millimetres can be found here (opens in new window): Convert Imperial Fractions to Decimal and Millimetres.


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